Iconic Australian makeup brand Napoleon Perdis enters into voluntary administration

Not to prime is a crime

Source: Napoleon Perdis

Source: Napoleon Perdis

Twenty four years ago, the iconic Australian makeup brand, Napoleon Perdis opened their first flagship store in Sydney. And this weekend, they sadly announced their entry into voluntary administration.

While this news has come as a shock to many, a press statement reveals the brand’s owners have actually been trying to sell the business for months.

This news comes shortly after the closure of multiple standalone stores in the United States and Australia as well as its recent decision to begin trading in Priceline stores amongst more ‘low end’ and ‘drugstore’ cosmetic brands signalled restructuring and change were coming.

But what exactly could cause such a much loved company to fall like this?

It's true, the cosmetic industry has changed dramatically over the past two decades since Napoleon Perdis begun trading.

Celebrities now own some of the most successful cosmetic brands, while consumers rely on the prominence and influence of Youtube ‘beauty gurus’. KKW Beauty by Kim Kardashian and Kylie Cosmetics by Kylie Jenner have used their ginormous fanbase and large social media presence to launch and promote their products. Meanwhile the introduction of chains such as Mecca and Sephora in Australia have also brought a lot more variety to consumers to shop international brands.

More importantly though, is the well needed shift within the cosmetic industry to become more inclusive and diverse. Pioneered by brands like Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty who pride themselves on creating products suitable for all skin types.

Comparing Napoleon Perdis’ five shade foundation range compared to the 40+ that Fenty Beauty offers shows perhaps the most crucial way the brand has fallen short in diversifying and modernising to suit the needs and wants of the current beauty market.

Maybe the only crime, is not just to forget to prime?

Words by Lydia Heise

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