Our top moments from New Zealand Fashion Week

Putting the 'new' in New Zealand

Before you ride New Zealand’s fashion industry off, have a look at our top six moments, you may have a change of heart for the softly spoken nation.

1. Huffer

Source: Image.net

Huffer is New Zealand’s answer to streetwear trend that just won’t quit, and the edgy camo-loving brand livened up the runway, with its gritty but laid-back attitude. Models were decked in urban chic puffer jackets layered over hoodies, paired with sweats and caps.  The splashes of bright oranges and reds gave the collection life by vamping up the otherwise repetitive camo. Huffer is an NZ label we are going to keep tabs on because they are doing something rarely seen across the Tasman Sea.  

2. Imogen Anthony making a NZFW appearance, and being compared to George Kostanza

Source: DailyMail

Source: DailyMail

Though, Imogen Anthony is probably too busy bathing in Kyle Sandilands ‘$45,000 a day’ fortune, she managed to find time to make an appearance at New Zealand Fashion Week. On the 28th of August, she walked for the swimwear label Heaven, looking impeccable in a floral one-piece surrounded by young, buff, and oiled male models.

A couple of days later Imogen showed up at Stolen Girlfriends Club wearing a metallic silver puffer jacket/dress, a hat with a veil and a little Fendi bag. The look has gone viral for being compared to George Kostanza.

We're starting to think she was probably one of the most famous people at NZFW; props to her for finding a room to be famous in.

3. Stolen Girlfriends Club

Source: Image.net

Source: Image.net

Boys, if you are looking for your girlfriends, fret not as she may have run away to Stolen Girlfriends Club. Don’t worry I am sure she will be back after she finishes rummaging through their banging new collection.

Stolen Girlfriends Club’s 2018 show screamed cool girl vibes, with their denim on denim, hoodies peaking under jackets and sheer numbers. However, their show also appealed to the oddball in all of us when their Gucci/Off-White inspired crocks appeared. What’s a little fashion without some ugly?

4. The All-Blacks modelling underwear for Jockey, alongside amputee model

Source: Image.net

Source: Image.net

Underwear label Jockey decided to add some star power to their runway line up, instead of leaving models to do all the walking, the All Blacks and Sevens rugby teams made their fluster-inducing modelling débuts. Even though the rugby stars looked a little unsure, I doubt (for obvious reasons) audience members cared too much.

Amputee model Jess Quinn worked the runway alongside the rugby players. In the show, her prosthetic leg was proudly on display, which is clearly a great moment for representation that will hopefully help end ableism.

5. Models walked the plank for Hej Hej

Source: Image.net

While Hej Hej is Danish for ‘buh bye’ we are not as quick to say ‘see ya later’ to this linen loving fashion label.  For their show, they got rid of a traditional runway and displayed their looks on a lavish yacht.  Models strutted up and down the yacht and posed against it, looking relaxed and holiday ready.

Now we wish we could skip Spring and head straight to Summer, so we can properly daydream about our future yacht attire. That will obviously be head to toe Hej Hej.


6. We saw a marching band on the runway for Kathryn Wilson

Shoe designer Kathryn Wilson didn’t want to bore her audience, so to add a little atmosphere to her show she hired a marching band to strut down her runway playing boisterous tunes to amp everyone up. 

When her models came out wearing mini band uniforms, it was clear Wilson’s theme was inspired by the theatrics of American high school marching bands.

It was all in the name of fun and while it may be a little out there it was one of the more thrilling moments at New Zealand Fashion Week.

And that rounds up New Zealand fashion weeks top six moments.


Words by Faye Couros

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