We just saw pregnant male models walk down the runway

Ya what?

Image credit: Xander Zhou


Fashion is renowned for embracing the absurd and runways have always been a safe space for designers to get weird and make social statements.

However, I never thought I would be writing that 'at the Xander Zhou show male models strut down the runway cradling synthetic pregnancy bellies', but alas that day has come. 

Of course, once the initial confusion subsides it's clear there may be a message here that is deeper than sheer shock value. 

Today, we are living in a world that is trying to shift gender barriers, and fashion is one of the biggest industries influencing this movement. Some designers have made their collections coed; clothes are becoming more gender ambiguous and transgender models (are albeit very slowly) becoming more prevalent and accepted.

Image credit: WWD

Image credit: WWD


However, while this show is highlighting an important subject, I wonder how purposeful the statement really is.

If the designer’s idea is to try and start a conversation about transgender male pregnancies and gender fluidity, then maybe this is a very innovative and important show. But unfortunately, it's also easy to be suspicious of Zhou's message because it's been trendy to use 'ethical marketing' to manipulate good consciousness for publicity.

On the brands Instagram they shared an image of a model wearing a top with the saying “New World Baby’ on it, with the caption “At Supernatural, Extraterrestrial & Co., we’re prepared to welcome a future of male pregnancy,” which only provides a vague understanding of what the brand’s message is.

I think it is a really hard subject to process because it seems like the real intention behind the male pregnancy bellies is a little lost in translation. 

Words by Faye Couros

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