Here's why you shouldn't pluck your eyebrows to copy Rihanna's Vogue look

Put down the tweezers


While Beyonce has taken over control of American Vogue’s September issue, Rihanna has made history as the first black woman to feature on the cover of British Vogue’s all-important September issue.

But we just can't help but notice the very skinny brows that’s stirring some strong feelings online. Rihanna is definitely the all-around beauty goddess that is revolutionising make-up with Fenty Beauty, but is the skinny brow taking it a bit too far?

The days of over-plucking brows are long gone and we intend to keep them that way. Here are five of our favourite models that rock the untamed brow look.

Thicker brows are here to stay!

1. Sophia Hadjipanteli wins first place

This British model is the proud founder of the popular hashtag #UnibrowMovement. Sophia claims to tame the hairs with castor oil each night before she goes to bed, saying the at-home remedy stimulates more growth. Now that's dedication.

2. Imogen Tonkin comes in a close second

The queen of brows herself, Australian model Imogen Tonkin has to have the most lust-worthy brows we've ever seen. A bit more wearable than the above, but still very bold. Once bullied for her brows, Imogen has made them into an asset for her modelling career. She's modelled for C/MEO Collective, BNKR, Joslin, Oyster, casper+pearl and Kalaurie.

3. Indigo Blue

Well, with a name like that then she was bound to have a face like that. Indigo Blue Hanlon was born in Belgium but has Scottish/Dutch heritage. Indigo is with Kult in Australia and made her Sydney Fashion Week debut this year.

4. Bethany Rosewarne

New to the modelling game, a 5'8 Bethany Rosewarne was scouted on Instagram by her agency, AZALEA Models a few months ago. Not too much to report just yet, but we're pretty damn excited to see where those brows take her.

5. Annalise McLachlan

This girl is serious goals. She's been on the modelling circuit for a little while now, scoring gigs with brands like Auguste, Spell, Cosmo, Rhythm, and Dolls Kill. You will find her at any music festival dressed head to toe in glitter and jewels.

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