Model of the Week: SABINE JAMIESON

Life after Australia’s Next Top Model

We caught up with Australia’s Next Top Model runner up, and self confessed cool girl, Sabine Jamieson. Photographed by Sam Hughes, and wearing Pseushi and PAM.

Hi Sabine! Since moving from Byron Bay to the big city (Sydney) how have you adapted to big city life?
Sydney is a beautiful and exciting city so moving here wasn't so difficult at all! But in saying that I still really do love going back home and try to as often as possible. 

What is it like being a model in Sydney?
Super glamorous! When I first started out modelling here I couldn't believe my luck - most days I would dress nicely to go to castings and then take myself to lunch! And pinch my self because I was like the hell is this is my job.

Since ANTM has wrapped up are you still in contact with Aleyna Fitzgerald?  
Unfortunately I haven't been - not because anything ever came between us! But probably because she hit the ground running after Top Model and has been all over the world ever since. We were super close by the end of the show and I know that everything would be the same when I see her next! 

What do you do differently as a model since ANTM has ended? 
ANTM really opened a door for me to pursue modelling and I definitely wouldn't be where I am today without it.

Outside of modelling what are your favourite hobbies? 
Probably reading!

Imagine you were a bartender instead of a model, what drink would you make up from scratch?
Either an espresso martini or a piña colada! 


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