Model of the Week: SAMANTHA BIDWELL

The cutest girl you’ll ever meet

We caught up with the cutest girl you’ll ever meet, Samantha Bidwell, and dodged the rain for a photo sesh. Photographed by Sam Hughes, and wearing PAM.

A-Z: Hi Samantha! What is the most interesting thing you have done in your career so far? 

Samantha: It’s funny, but no two modelling experiences (shoots, runways, ecom, look book) are ever the same. I’m not sure I could pick the most interesting thing, but I can say that I’ve been surprised at how diverse being a model can be.

A-Z: How did you get into modelling? 
Samantha: One of my friend’s sister, Anna Zrnic. She’s a photographer and she basically did everything. She set up a test shoot with Chelsea Povey as hair and make-up artist and sent through an application on my behalf to some agencies in Sydney. A few minutes later, my mum received calls from two of the agencies; she took me to meet both of them and we later signed with Priscilla’s Model Management just before my 14th birthday.

A-Z: What is going through your head during a photo shoot and do you still get nervous? 
Samantha: A lot of my thoughts during a shoot are based on my surroundings; the people that are there and the pets that they often bring and what you can see in the room and out the windows is always interesting.

A-Z: In the near future what would you like to achieve as a model? 
Samantha: I’d like to see a bit of the world and meet people from different cultures and countries and learn different languages. 

A-Z: What is the one thing you do everyday that brings you joy? 
Samantha: Being home with my family and dogs is one of my favourites and most common activities.

A-Z: Would go back to your past and give yourself one-piece of advice or go into the future and ask yourself one question? 
Samantha: I’d go to the future and just see what I’ve done with my life. I’m not sure what I would ask, but maybe I’d like to find out if there is anything I should avoid doing, and what would it be?


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