Instagram page @ShitModelMgmt has released a Black List to protect models from sexual assault

We all follow the page @ShitModelMgmt for shits and giggs, but now it's getting serious. 

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The popular meme Instagram page gives us a humorous insight into the sometimes frustrating life of a working model, but they just got serious.

Since the fallout of the Harvey Weinstein scandal began late last year, sexual assault and gender inequality across a host of industries have come into the spotlight through movements like #TimesUp and #MeToo. The fashion industry has been no exception, with serious allegations against major photographers like Bruce Weber, Mario Testino and Patrick Demarchelier coming out in the news.

Recently our favourite Instagram meme account @shitmodelmgmt decided to make their mark by posting a public list of designers, photographers and other industry figures that have reportedly assaulted, abused or sexually harassed models. 

"I started this list a few months ago, when models began sharing their stories with me," the @shitmodelmgmt administrator (who also claims to be a model) writes on the list, which is posted in the form of a one-page website. "I asked my followers to message me the names of any photographers that acted sexually inappropriate towards them. My DMs immediately blew up. I was receiving thousands of messages from different models."

The list contains hundreds of names, ranging from more unknown names to very well-known figures. It also differentiates between names which were mentioned by one model and those that were mentioned three or more times — marked on the list with an asterisk — and which the admin says "should be avoided at all cost in my opinion."

See Shit Model Management's full blacklist here.