It is now illegal to use plastic straws in California

It's the last straw!

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Photo credit: Pinterest


So Starbucks has done something great, last week they decided that by 2020 they want to ban all straws from their stores and replace them with plastic lids.

Since then major companies like Disney, Boost Juice and McDonalds have announced they will be banning straws as well.

If you are wondering what the hell we will do without straws, there are alternatives such as metal and paper straws.  Or maybe we should all get into the habit of carrying reusable ones in our handbags.

Hopefully this will put a smile on the earth's face as we all start becoming more plastic conscious, at least I’m sure our beaches will be thankful. After learning that straws can remain in the environment for 2000 years, you would be pretty damn heartless to not jump on board.

Now, Starbucks' plan is nice, but no one is as extra as the California Council. See the war on straws is real and in California it is now illegal for food places to sell plastic straws.

In fact, if a vendor fails to adhere to a warning and subsequent $1000 fine they could face a six-month jail sentence (see what I mean, pretty extra). 

Words by Faye Couros

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