Uber Eats just started letting exclusive users personalise their food

In a new world of monogramming and personalisation - Uber Eats is the newest power house jumping on the 2017 trend.

The marketing team at Uber Eats in Adelaide, South Australia recently invited a group of 'influencers' and culture insiders to try out the new menu from S2 on Flinders. It included a first for the popular food app, by literally allowing eaters to paint their name on their spring rolls before they are deep fried. Obviously when you're sitting on your couch patiently awaiting dinner in your PJ's, it is an impossibility to do the painting yourself - but can we expect to see a new personalisation option at checkout soon?

We'd like to point out that Adelaide is the city where the world-wide bag monogramming company 'The Daily Edited' was created, which was the first brand to do this before it became a basic everyday Instagram phenomenon. Which makes a lot of sense as to why the Uber Eats team chose Adelaidians as their first guinea pigs. 

Pass the word on to your spring roll loving, monogram bag carrying friends, people!

Photography: Meaghan Coles

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