Why Ali Oetjen shouldn't be the new Bachelorette

We all tuned in last night to the finale of Australia's Bachelor In Paradise, mostly because we wanted to see Uncle Sam get on one knee to have Tara react with 'Bloody Oath!'.

So we were all pretty surprised to see the announcement of the next Bachelorette, Ali Oetjen. And we could only think one thing, Channel 10 Casting, what are you thinking!

Ali Oetjen, Australia's newest Bachelorette


We mean no offence to Ali Oetjen herself, after all, she is the first Bachelorette from South Australia [queue advert about how great Fruchocs are]. But I'm sorry, was it not mentioned several times on this season of Bachelor in Paradise how much she resembles previous Bachelorette, Sophie Monk. And we also can't help but notice that she resembles almost every other character on this franchise before her. 

Last year's Bachelorette, Sophie Monk

Last year's Bachelorette, Sophie Monk

Fan favourite Keira Maguire won Jarrod Woodgate's heart after Sophie Monk broke it

Fan favourite Keira Maguire won Jarrod Woodgate's heart after Sophie Monk broke it


Two years ago, we found Richie Strahan's season an absolute joke. Surely we weren't the only ones who made a drinking game out of it; you know, each time he would give a rose to a blonde you would take a shot. 

I can admit that alot of us have types, but someone really should have sat him down and told him that beauty can come in all different colours. And we don't mean ash or platinum blonde.

We mean a word that the casting team over at 'The Bach' obviously know nothing about - cultural diversity.

Richie's Bachelor season left him with three look-a-like blondes in the top three

New Bachelorette, Ali Oetjen

New Bachelorette, Ali Oetjen


Australia is one of the most culturally diverse countries in the world. With a population of 24 million, 2.1% are Chinese, 1.9% are Indian, 1.6% are Italian, and 1.6% are African. This isn't to mention the uncountable large population who partially identity and resemble these backgrounds.

I think we may speak on behalf of a huge amount of Australian's who are pretty damn sick of seeing the same look-a-like 'caucasian with bleach blonde hair, botox and lip filler' on our TV screens, season after season. We're not saying it's not beautiful, but it's not the ONLY type of beauty. And these aren't the only type of girls who deserve love.

Us Asians need some lovin' too.

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